Threw together a buzzaround circuit last night. Attempting to get rid of some of my enclosures to fund some more prototyping parts orders… have a few ideas on the way that involve tap tempo, modulation, wave shapes, etc. Fun stuff.

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Lenore is a Fuzz/Overdrive based on a particularly overlooked German circuit from the late 60’s. The Schaller Fuzz.
The circuit has been modified for modern, easier to obtain components. Some controls have been swapped out in favor of more interactive options. This is not a 100% faithful recreation by any means.

Three knobs, one toggle. Straightforward.
– Gain
– Starve
– Volume
– Mode
[Mode 1] – Overdrive. Fairly dense, boomy OD with definite pick clarity.
[Mode 2] – Fuzz. Super buzzy, textured fuzz. Gated, not a ton of sustain.

Boost on the edge of breakup tones to raspy, textural chords. Ripped speakers. Grinding, splatty breakup.

Assembled in a powder coated 125B. High quality aqua 3PDT switch, alpha pots, and switchcraft jacks…
Point to Point on Tagboard.

Little bit of love for the Poe fans out there too…

More Custom Work

I stumbled across a few more images of previous custom work. These were actually from 2012, I believe. Been a while since I’ve seen these.

The first two include graphics requested by the buyer and are clearcoated waterslide decal.

The first, Robot Pterodactyl Deathmatch, was a Shin-Ei FY-2 clone on perfboard with a Big Muff tonestack and an added Mids control on one side, and a Green Ringer on the other side. Looks like the knobs weren’t evenly spaced… Hey, I was new to this.

The second pedal, swag graphic, was a Civil War Muff clone on perfboard with an added Bass Cut Knob, Tone Stack Bypass Toggle, and Oscillation Footswitch.

The third pedal is a Maestro FZ-1A on eyelet board. Wedge enclosure with jewel light and top mounted jacks and knobs. Toggle to use either a single AA battery or a 9v adapter through a voltage regulator circuit.

The last image contains the FZ-1A as well as a custom made EP Booster (hammered) and Colorsound One Knob Fuzz (Orange).

Custom Work

Just finished up a requested Fuzz Factory. The build contains two specifically selected AC128s and is assembled point-to-point on tagboard. Mayan Gold-Black powdercoat and a white LED indicator.

Also pictured is a custom build for a bassist a few years back. Catalinbread SFT clone w/ bass toggle and Wooly Mammoth clone in the same box. Independent switching. Custom bear graphic with a dormant purple powdercoat.

For good measure, I threw in a picture of my latest prototype. A very versatile dirt pedal that can go from a vintage overdriven sound to heavy buzzsaw tones with multiple options to tweak in between.

Elixir – Limited Run

Currently listed for sale on reverb or via direct purchase are Elixir #’s 1-4.

My Shop

The Elixir is a germanium boost based around the Dallas Rangemaster and the DAM Red Rooster. This circuit was used by the likes of Tony Iommi, Brian May, Ritchie Blackmore, Eric Clapton, and Marc Bolan.

The controls are simple. The right knob controls the boost level. The left knob allows you to dial in the frequencies being boosted. From traditional treble boost to full range boost in one sweep.

Throw this in front of an amp on the edge of breakup, use it to boost other effects, or just use it to shape your tone.

The units each contain a different transistor.
CV7003 (OC44 military spec)
CV7005 (OC71 military spec)

– Assembled in an aluminum 1590bb sized enclosure with alpha pots, switchcraft jacks, and an aqua 3pdt switch.

– Powder coated finish with an LED indicator.

– Circuit wired point to point on tagboard.

– Powered by 9v battery (pictures taken before battery snaps installed) or standard 9v center-negative boss style power supply, but cannot be daisy chained.

And as always… All Aether Electronic products come with a lifetime warranty covering defects in manufacturing.

Feel free to contact me if interested or for more information.

Also shown is the next design I have lined up: Lenore, a fuzz / overdrive based on a German circuit from the late 60’s. More details to come at a later date…


Welp, I did it. I’m giving in and creating a WordPress.

The site will be under construction for some time but will eventually host a plethora of progress posts, builds, and sales.

For now, enjoy a proto build gutshot.