Lenore is a Fuzz/Overdrive based on a particularly overlooked German circuit from the late 60’s. The Schaller Fuzz.
The circuit has been modified for modern, easier to obtain components. Some controls have been swapped out in favor of more interactive options. This is not a 100% faithful recreation by any means.

Three knobs, one toggle. Straightforward.
– Gain
– Starve
– Volume
– Mode
[Mode 1] – Overdrive. Fairly dense, boomy OD with definite pick clarity.
[Mode 2] – Fuzz. Super buzzy, textured fuzz. Gated, not a ton of sustain.

Boost on the edge of breakup tones to raspy, textural chords. Ripped speakers. Grinding, splatty breakup.

Assembled in a powder coated 125B. High quality aqua 3PDT switch, alpha pots, and switchcraft jacks…
Point to Point on Tagboard.

Little bit of love for the Poe fans out there too…


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