More Custom Work

I stumbled across a few more images of previous custom work. These were actually from 2012, I believe. Been a while since I’ve seen these.

The first two include graphics requested by the buyer and are clearcoated waterslide decal.

The first, Robot Pterodactyl Deathmatch, was a Shin-Ei FY-2 clone on perfboard with a Big Muff tonestack and an added Mids control on one side, and a Green Ringer on the other side. Looks like the knobs weren’t evenly spaced… Hey, I was new to this.

The second pedal, swag graphic, was a Civil War Muff clone on perfboard with an added Bass Cut Knob, Tone Stack Bypass Toggle, and Oscillation Footswitch.

The third pedal is a Maestro FZ-1A on eyelet board. Wedge enclosure with jewel light and top mounted jacks and knobs. Toggle to use either a single AA battery or a 9v adapter through a voltage regulator circuit.

The last image contains the FZ-1A as well as a custom made EP Booster (hammered) and Colorsound One Knob Fuzz (Orange).


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